Peter Haslam Fox is a London based figurative artist. For the large part self taught, he did start out at art school. He hated it, and instead he went to Glasgow University to study art history.  After this he went on to work in a variety of professions around the world, latterly as a carpenter in London and a gilder in the U.S. It was only in 2006 when a chance meeting with the artist Brendan Kelly rekindled his interest in painting. This resulted in Peter, under Brendan Kelly's guidance for a year, having his first show at Ainscough Contemporary Art.

A foray into Watercolour in 2007 unexpectedly led to his first series of paintings that explored the capital's architectural and social diversity. He was named the RWS/Sunday Times's 2008 'Young Artist' and other works were showcased at the 2008 Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries and the 2009 21st Century Watercolour Exhibition at The Bankside Gallery. The series entitled A Tale of Two Towers went on to form his critically acclaimed solo show, launching the 'Art Work Space' gallery in Bayswater. The paintings were described in 'Art Of England' magazine as “exquisite pieces of contemporary portraiture.”

Based in his South Lambeth studio, Haslam Fox has continued drawing and painting in watercolours whilst working on various private commissions. In 2010 he won the Benton Purchase Prize at the 'Discerning Eye' and his portrait of his mother was shown at the 2011 Royal Watercolour Society Spring Exhibition. More recently he has enjoyed success at both Art Toronto and a specially curated Watercolour exhibition at Winsor and Newton’s Griffin Gallery.