Nichola Theakston studied fine art at Exeter (1986 – 89) and ceramics at Cardiff College of Fine Art & Design (1990). Since graduating Nichola has established herself as one of Britain’s foremost wildlife sculptors. She has exhibited widely across the country and is collected enthusiastically by many who appreciate her exceptional natural ability and skill coupled with sensitivity and awareness of her subject.

Nichola's Limited Edition sculptures are usually made on an armature which is packed out with clay to assume a rough sketch which she will work to completion before moulding. She makes traditional plaster moulds of her sculpture from which she is able to  remake and remodel a ceramic edition.

Before starting a sculpture I will draw or make quick maquettes in clay. Drawing allows for a fresh and colourful expression and will often add another dimension to the 3d work. As an artist I am trying to find ways to capture this initial freshness and spontaneity in a finished piece whilst giving equal consideration to understanding form and proportion. Nichola Theakston.

Nichola’s unique hand-built sculpture has been evolving alongside the limited edition work. She is presently using a blend of red earthenware clays and paperclay.

I am working with ideas surrounding the fragility of (co)existence. Questioning our perception of the 'personality' of an animal or of it's emotional state, I aim to portray elements of our shared consciousness.

Nichola recently exhibited at The Affordable Art Fair, Brussels and will be exhibiting at Ceramic Art London in March 2017 and at Fresh: Contemporary Art Fair, Cheltenham with Lena Boyle Fine Art, in May 2017.